Thursday, February 20, 2014

Music Blogging

Old gig picture taken by my Mom. 
I might not even be 21, yet.
Taken at Flying M Coffee House in Boise, Idaho. 
Finally! After a year or so of thinking about posting at Reigniting My School Girl Crush  for Music, I've done it!

This blog sort of serves as a hub for many blogs. At least, that is the goal. I want to run a series of music research blogs that start at that page and really, help me keep track of things I come across.

I haven't completely thought this out yet. In fact, figuring out the way in which I would go about the music crush blog was a bit of an accident, or rather, it came from a reminder, a conversation about music, which I talk about in the first post.

I'm not a critic, nor do I really want to be. I just want to share experiences and learn. So, there you go. That's precisely what this blog aims to do and where it begins. It aims solely to express excitement about music, share that excitement and even relate what I learn from the music that comes into these ears. I might even sometimes talk about craft, and how I might apply what I learn.

Hopefully within this year, I will work on more thorough research and study projects, as well. Some of those projects involve connecting with other folks in the musical and sound healing arts. Some of them just involve listening, going through my old CDs, and ever finding new reasons to be simply in love with music. Maybe, I'll find some new ideas along the way. I hope you'll listen and share along with me. I'm always open to listening to new tunes, new sounds, etc. Please, please, feel free to send them my way, should you think of it!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Few Degrees Separated from Fame

It seems that I am often somehow just a few clicks (more or less) shy of being where the famous people are in the strangest way. Here are some examples:
I have a friend who tells a story that on the day that Kurt Cobain died, Courtney Love called his house and he happened to pick up. He heard, "He's dead." on the other end.  
My first real boyfriend and his brother went to Seattle on a trip long ago. I wasn't able to go because of work and I'm sure they wanted their own brotherly time together. During that weekend, they'd run in to Saul Williams and spent maybe a couple of hours with him, maybe exploring the city and chatting. I don't quite remember the details. I'd written an email shortly after that to Saul Williams and mentioned what a strange coincidence I thought it was, that two clicks shy thing, and that perhaps sometime we too would meet and maybe even collaborate on something. He wrote back, open to the idea but not attached to it, as good journey makers do. Since then, I've never been where he is aside from listening to or reading his work. 
Maybe a year ago, maybe more, I met a producer who offered a gig to me that I later said no to (I still sometimes kick myself) who owns Michael Jackson tracks that no one else has heard. He carried them around via Dropbox on his smartphone and I wondered why he wouldn't let me listen to the whole song. I suppose it could have been that we were talking about the blues. Also, it really was proof about the caliber of producer he is. 
 I know an art conservator who has worked on some Andy Warhol pieces and divulged that the artist didn't really care about what the art's materials were. His work was done in crummy mediums, on flimsy, cheap paper and canvasses, and maybe a bit haphazardly and just because. 
I'm not sure why I am thinking about these things today. It's not important to me per say to be where the famous people are. It's not something I aim to do let alone care to do. I'm genuinely interested in people, especially if they are passionate about something. That could be art, music, politics, travel, etc., maybe even just watching nature and breathing.

Working at a coffee shop downtown puts me eye to eye with many famous people, most of whom I rarely recognize. The ones I have recognized or have had any correspondence with really seem to be like me, people who are following their loves and passions and who happen to be passing through.

Also, there are the friends and acquaintances within my circles who are amazing people and who are doing amazing things, some of them blowing up, have, or will. Some of them maybe never will. Some of them are big fishes in small ponds, others non-descript and still unyielding in their art or work. All of them passionately, or even half-heartedly, at times, chasing their very beautiful passions and dreams. . . .

I don't know where the difference is; famous or not famous, accomplished or not accomplished. Sometimes, maybe it's just a little bit of luck and who knows how important, really.

*all selfies taken at Madame Tussaud's in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2008.