It has been a year of collaborations and big things for the trioSpectacle Music. They’ve rounded up their first festival appearances at Arise Music Festival and have been in the studio creating new releases for their rapidly growing fanbase. With a solid goal of bringing a new sound to the Colorado music scene, Spectacle has plans to continue moving on at a fast clip after commemorating their first year together as a band at their upcoming anniversary show on Halloween. By next spring, the band hopes to be on tour, with airplay on college radio stations to help them amplify their work. “We’ll hopefully be able to do a whole summer of festivals. We’re kind of a festival band,” said Michael Lee Mahan, founder and leader of Spectacle in an exclusive interview with
Spectacle seems to be moving in flow with barely a hitch. Mahan explained that he’d been writing music on his own for a year before meeting violinist Jessica Borth at a house party. “I always thought that live instruments over electronic music was a little more interesting,” he said. “I always wanted to add more instruments. I started playing guitar over my own stuff and then when I was at a party, I met Jessica Borth who plays violin and she just sat in with me.”
The two musicians clicked and they continued creating together. Then, while immersed in academic studies for sound engineering, Mahan met a percussionist named Rob Brandon. Brandon suggested that the three music makers do a show right away. “After our first show, which went well, we decided to stay together as a trio and then we would add featured artists such as live singers and saxophone players,” Mahan explained.
Featured artists have included Denver singer/songwriter Eian O'Brien and the saxophonist Miles Holland. Funk/soul singer Andrea Pares also features in some of Spectacle’s upcoming releases and performances.
Spectacle’s music is rhythmic, danceable and described by Mahan as “chill with a bit of a healing vibe.” Each of the players bring their personal experience. Mahan with his influences of jazz guitar and UK electronica, Borth’s classical background and Brandon’s Afro-Cuban rhythms synthesize to create what Mahan considers something new. “When we make this music, I feel like it’s kind of a worldly sound.”
First and foremost, Mahan considers himself a producer and audio engineer. He has quite the experience in that realm, having recorded all types of music. He’s even done some recordings for theDanny Elfman orchestra (“The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Corpse Bride”).
By next spring, Spectacle will be heading west. In the meantime, the band is putting together releases that they announce on their Facebook page. To get some sneak peeks of what’s to come, check out theirSoundCloud. The band also has an Instagram.

*originally published at AXS.