Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lately, Writing Samples Can Maybe Look Like This

This picture is neither here nor there. It's just
a picture of some possible blog ideas. 

I just wanted to share this. It was part of an application I turned in for a social media customer support position in Denver. I'm not sure it was what they were looking for but who knows? Maybe? It's fun stuff to guess, in any case. I'd love any feedback should those writer friends out there have any. Peace!

Writing Sample

An Example of How I Connect on Facebook:
After a friend recently introduced me to a girl band from Japan that mashes up Japanese Idol-Pop with Metal, I started a conversation about it and I also felt the need to do a little research:

These two posts also resulted in multiple posts on my page and shares from my posts sharing either metal bands from Japan, the US or thoughts about BabyMetal.


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