Monday, July 4, 2016

I'm adding almost 300 articles to this Blogger account (bye bye

I just learned that is shutting down their website and that if I want to keep the articles, I will have to retrieve and archive them. I am posting them here on my blog for safe keeping. It's work I've done, afterall. So. . .in the next couple days or more, this blog will be updating with many old articles.

It's interesting that there is no news on the matter, and the letter they've sent out to writers says that no part of it can be outed. I did find a link to an article that was posted over at Inquisitr but when you click on it, there is nothing there. hmmm. . . . Maybe I should have stayed with the company longer so I could have seen what became of it (the parts of it they would have talked to us about, anyway).

Ah well. . . The only thing we can count on is change.


  1. Article from Westword:


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